Elevating Furniture Franchising: Embracing a Modern Approach to the Business

by | May 25, 2023

A Modern Approach to the Furniture Franchise Business

Discover the long-standing success of rental purchase in the business landscape. Unlock the potential of owning a furniture franchise brand like Premier Rental-Purchase, offering a prudent choice for aspiring owners in the thriving world of furniture franchising.

So, what’s involved in getting started on the path toward ownership with Premier Rental-Purchase? And what makes the brand such a promising name in the furniture franchise industry?

It comes down to a combination of industry, franchise model, and a belief in the people who run our furniture store franchise.

1. A Growing Market

The beginning of the franchising experience can be an exhilarating time for a potential furniture franchising owner. It’s the time to finally put plans into action, and to move from inquirer to participant and brand leader.

It all starts with a look at the market a furniture franchise works with.

In the case of Premier Rental-Purchase, the market and industry to review is the larger rent-to-own market. It’s a business with deep roots in the communities we serve, and that’s helped the industry grow alongside the country as a whole.

The future is expected to see continued expansion of the rental-purchase industry as well. Industry size is projected to grow at an annual rate of about 4.7% over the next five years.

The market for furniture franchising services is broadening, too. Many millennials now prefer to spend on experiences rather than possessions, and opt for rental-purchase as a way to get the items they want without sacrificing their lifestyle.

2. Brand Quality

After a thorough industry review, future owners can start to dig into the brands within the furniture franchising industry.

This is when individual franchises can start to make themselves known, and can be an effective way to filter the options and narrow the choices down to the most promising one. Every brand has its own way of operating, and a personality and approach to business that helps them stand out.

For Premier Rental-Purchase, the franchise examination is often where we connect with the people who best fit with our take on the industry.

We put the focus on quality at all times — everything we sell is a top-of-the-line name-brand item, and we constantly update our inventory to stay ahead of the latest trends and developments.

We pair our quality-first policy with a belief in technology to keep us moving forward. Our web-based storefront and customer-management sites help us harness the power of modern high tech in the name of delivering superior service, and aid us in raising our furniture franchise business’s digital profile.

3. Getting Started

We’ve gone through examination of both the industry and the furniture franchising brands and now it’s time to look at the process of getting to know the people behind the franchise.

It should start with face-to-face meetings. For Premier Rental-Purchase, this takes the form of our Discovery Day events, and involves many people in leadership roles behind the brand.

Expect to sit down with the movers and shakers at Premier Rental-Purchase during this crucial period. Founder and CEO Trooper Earle meets with every potential owner to get a feel for their approach to business and to find out how well everyone might work together as part of a team.

After meeting with leadership, it’s time for the fun stuff! New owners then sign with the brand, and get immediate expert assistance deployed behind them as they select their territory and location, build out, and prepare to open.

We work alongside our owners to get their business up and operating, and we help them establish their inventory to get them running the Premier way.

4. Ongoing Support

Once the doors open for business and the Grand Opening is over, owners can start to work for themselves and build their own pool of loyal customers. But they don’t have to do it alone.

Owner support can be an essential element of a furniture franchising brand. Having robust assistance in their everyday lives helps new owners feel secure in their new franchise, and can give them the space to start working toward expansion.

Support is business as usual at Premier Rental-Purchase.

Our owners and staff have access to live training through our National Development Center on sales, credit, management, and much more. We also connect our owners with industry events and buying shows, as well as interactive certifications designed to keep team members trained up and ready to serve our customers.

Premier Rental-Purchase provides more than online education, too. We include one-on-one financial and operational assistance whenever it’s needed, and develop customized plans for each owner’s specific situation and needs.

Get Into the Furniture Franchising Business with Premier Rental-Purchase

This could be the right moment to consider joining Premier Rental-Purchase.

We’re in an industry that’s been part of the nation’s economic fabric for decades, and which is expanding to include more than the traditional rental-purchase customer. Our brand is dedicated to quality products, and we work with our owners to give them the tools for growth.

Premier Rental-Purchase is preparing to expand again, and we’d love to connect with future owners.

Interested in getting more information? Contact us today, and find out for yourself how Premier Rental-Purchase is working every day to rock the category.


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