Why This Could Be the Right Time to Own a Furniture Store Franchise?

by | Dec 19, 2022


Own a furniture Store Franchise

If you’ve ever considered putting your experience and leadership skills to work as an owner of franchise furniture stores, this could be the moment to put your dreams into action. Becoming owner of a rental-purchase franchise can be the right move for many potential owners, and place them in a business centered on the people who run it.

Here’s Why Ownership of Rent-to-Own Furniture Store Franchises Can Be a Smart Option

Recurring Revenue

One of the key concerns of future owners of a furniture store franchise is finances, and with good reason. Owning a franchise can be a significant commitment of both time and resources, and it makes sense to want to know that the effort an owner puts in can lead to regular, reliable returns.

That’s where a rental-purchase brand can stand out as a promising option. Furniture store franchises operate off of a recurring-revenue model, and that can mean a guaranteed baseline of revenue, month in and month out.

Rental-purchase customers enter into an agreement with the franchise, and commit to making monthly payments to continue renting their equipment or furniture, until they’ve either paid it off or exchanged it for a different item.

It’s an established business model, and one that can help franchise owners feel confident that they know what tomorrow will bring.

When they’re part of a brand with recurring revenue, owners know they can turn their attention to building the business without devoting every second to the bottom line.

Quality of Life

When you envision a franchise owner, what do you picture? For many people, the notion of running a franchise, whether it’s rental-purchase franchise furniture stores or another industry, conjures images of harried owners working themselves ragged and neglecting their personal lives in favor of their stores.

Franchise ownership can take over a person’s days and nights, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Rental-purchase franchise owners can be part of a growing industry while still enjoying a robust home life.

Franchising a furniture store needs a design with owner’s support in mind, and keeping their personal and business worlds separate from each other. How? It’s thanks to their hours of operation, and the habits of the customers who shop with them.

Rental-purchase is a business that’s aimed at working people and when they’re most likely to shop. That means running a business that’s open Monday through Saturday during working hours.

It’s a franchise model that can leave plenty of time for owners to experience a high quality of life, and allows them to leave their work at work.

An Expanding Business Model

Every owner, no matter the field, wants to be connected to an industry that’s moving forward. The future should look brighter for the business than the past, and needs to be geared for increased market growth.

When it comes to tapping a rising potential market, owning rental-purchase franchise furniture stores can be a prudent choice for many people.

Rental-purchase has long been a multigenerational business, and has developed into a preferred home-goods supplier for families across the country. And today, the market is expanding to include an entirely new group of customers.

Many millennials prefer to pursue experiences over possessions, and want to save their money to create memories. That’s made them an ideal and growing market for rental-purchase furniture, electronics, appliances, and any other large purchases they might make.

Prospective rental-purchase franchise owners know they’re joining a business that’s in the process of appealing to more customers than ever. The field has future potential, and that can be a great reason to look further into becoming part of the industry.

Connect with Your Rental Franchise

Mutual Support

Support can be the invisible foundation under a business. Having people around that want their neighbors to develop their business and grow along with them can be an invaluable aid to brand expansion, and make an owner’s life easier in countless ways.

A supportive and positive work environment can be a regular boost, and make every day a little better for a franchise owner. The rental-purchase business was built around that concept.

Rental-purchase franchise furniture stores are part of an industry that believes in mutual assistance. It puts that philosophy into action through a developed network of experienced, dedicated professionals who work together and help new owners establish themselves.

Instead of diving into a cutthroat environment every day and spending energy and time working to outdo the competition, rental-purchase franchise owners feel a sense of common cause, and can devote themselves to the notion that a rising tide lifts all boats.

It’s a friendly, cooperative way of operating a franchise. More than that, it’s good business, and the right thing to do.

Own a Furniture Store Franchise with Premier Rental-Purchase

This might be the ideal time to think about owning a rental-purchase franchise. And Premier Rental-Purchase has built a brand for today and tomorrow.

We have a high-profile presence, both online and brick-and-mortar, and work with only the top-quality products. And our customer-first approach to business has made us a guest favorite for service and satisfaction.

Premier Rental-Purchase puts their owners front and center. We’ve developed our brand around our owners, with a business plan designed to encourage expansion and a Training and Development center working every day to keep owners and staff educated and current with the industry’s latest.

At Premier Rental-Purchase, we’re getting ready to grow, and we’re looking for future owners to come with us as we build the brand.

Want to learn more? Contact us today, and start your journey with us!


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