Looking at a Leasing Franchise? The Rental-Purchase Model Could Be Perfect for You!

by | Jul 28, 2023

America is the land of innovation, with new and exciting advancements in electronics, home appliances, and furnishing coming onto the market seemingly every day. It’s a fact of modern life, and it’s helped drive business for the leasing franchise.

But the leasing franchise isn’t the only option for potential owners. The rental-purchase model was designed for today’s customers, with options allowing fewer obligations and more choices.


Empowering Business Growth: The Leasing Franchise Model Revolution”

The leasing franchise has been part of the U.S. commercial landscape for generations, and in that time, the industry has established itself as an alternative to the one-time purchase approach.

The traditional way of buying an extensive or costly item was to do it all at once — save up or get a loan, visit the business that sells the product, pay the total price, and walk out with the new stereo, armchair, or computer. But leasing can add flexibility to the experience and expand the pool of potential clients.


The Leasing Franchise Advantage for Customer Commitment and Growth

The leasing model trades up-front purchases for a promise of long-term recurring payments and a commitment to make those payments for a given period. Customers no longer have to have the full purchase amount to take the product home and instead will enter into a relationship with the brand until they’ve completed the purchase.

This business model can allow more customers to make large purchases and give an electronics equipment leasing franchise a baseline of income the brand can count on every month.


The Evolution of Business Growth: Embracing the Leasing Franchise Advantage in the Rental-Purchase Model”

The leasing franchise was a step forward for the industry and offered customers greater freedom and a more comprehensive range of options. It took drive and vision to create this new operating model, and that same spirit informed the growth of the rent-to-own, also called rental-purchase, a system of customer engagement.

The rental-purchase model takes what works best about leasing and combines it with a greater focus on customer choice.

Fewer Obligations, More Customer Freedom

With rental-purchase, customers always have the option to purchase the equipment they’re renting, but it’s usually not a requirement. Instead, they can move from product to product as they wish and enjoy the latest hot trends and most exciting gear.

Rental-purchase puts a modern spin on the already game-changing leasing approach. It puts the power in the hands of the customer, helps create brand loyalty over years and even decades, and can even aid the owner in establishing a viable recurring-revenue stream.


Secure Your Financial Future: Embrace the Leasing Franchise Advantage for Building Success

At their hearts, both a tool leasing franchise and one that offers a more flexible rental-purchase option to customers operating with an eye to the horizon. Customer relationships over the long term are the real goal of both businesses.

The rental-purchase franchise can also provide owners with a more substantial year-in and year-out advantage in how inventory costs can be addressed and reduced over time. It’s built into the system and is part of the industry’s structure.


Rental-Purchase and Recurring Revenue

Rental-purchase naturally come with a large inventory of goods, and the regular wear customers put on those goods means they quickly lose their “like-new” value. This helps create accelerated depreciation and can be a valuable tool for owners. 

Inventory value directly informs tax liability for the franchise. Customer use lowers that liability for the owner, and the result can be reduced tax burden and additional cash they can use to support their current business or start a new one.


Nurturing Business Expansion: Embrace the Leasing Franchise Advantage for Growing Your Customer Base

When prospective owners look at an industry like the leasing franchise, they want to ensure they’re joining a business with potential expansion. Growth in the past is good, but as or more important is the industry’s prospects for the years ahead.

And future expectations for growth are one of the key reasons to consider a rental-purchase brand. The industry is expanding its reach and customer base and has developed an appeal beyond the traditional group of potential clients.

A New and Growing Pool of Loyal Customers

In the past, the people who opted for rental-purchase often had credit or financial difficulties. But a large and growing pool of customers who focus on experiences over possessions is driving new development in the industry.

These customers often have good credit and enough money to make purchases but are more interested in spending to enjoy life rather than accumulating goods. They still want the latest electronics and appliances but are happy to rent them and save money to visit new places and have adventures.


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