Why Own a Lease to Own Franchise

by | May 17, 2023

This kind of franchise sells large home furnishings, appliances, electronics and more to customers over time via monthly payments. It’s a business that requires a large and constantly updating inventory, and that calls for owners with enough capital to put that inventory in place.

Thanks to that requirement, potential owners of a lease to own franchise go through a natural selection process, and the less-serious players get filtered out along the way. The people who make it through the process are the dedicated professionals with the finances — and vision — needed to get started right.

Lease to Own Franchises Shine with Mutual Support

Potential owners are on the front lines of almost any business. They take on the day-to-day demands of running the brand, and make smooth operations their goal.

With so much on their plates, it’s important for an owner to feel like they’re not alone, and that they’re working in an environment that understands and supports them. And it can be a compelling reason to start a lease to own business.

An Industry Built on Assistance

A lease to own franchise owner has a network of mutual assistance around them that they can call on to help them when they need it. The industry operates on a principle of shared support between businesses, and can provide that extra help to get an owner’s feet under them.

Rental-purchase owners know that they’re part of a larger team, all pulling together to raise up the industry as a whole.

Multigenerational Customer Base

It doesn’t matter the business — every brand needs to have a ready customer base that wants their product or services, and that has the potential and room to grow in the coming years. It’s Commerce 101, and it’s one of the basics of running a franchise.

And the customer base can make operating a lease to own franchise the smart choice.

 A Family Tradition

Rental-purchase tends to run in the family, and can often be carried down through the generations. When a household enjoys the newest electronics and appliances through rent-to-own, it can be natural for the children in that home to stick with the example they see.

That can lead to entire families becoming lifelong customers, and help grow the pool of loyal renters for a franchise. It can allow a brand to count on a reliable and regular revenue stream, whatever the external conditions.

Accelerated Inventory Depreciation

One of the primary concerns of franchise owners is questions of cash flow and liability. A business, especially in the first years when they’re starting out, often wants to keep tax obligations low to help them get off the ground.

That’s one reason why a lease to own franchise can be the way to go for many prospective owners — it can allow for accelerated inventory depreciation.

Reduced Liability

The inventory a rental-purchase owner establishes when they open for business soon gets used and are subject to setup, normal wear and tear, and other value reductions. This opens the door for property depreciation.

Accelerated depreciation, and lower or deferred liability can give an owner the tools they need to grow the business. It aids them in managing expenses, and can give them the right environment and cash flow to think about expanding the brand.

Quality of Ownership

Most future owners are hoping to find the franchise that clicks with them, and which is situated in an industry with room to grow. But many of them also want a life beyond the business, and are looking for an option that leaves them time for the personal.

A lease to own franchise could almost be custom made for this kind of owner. It’s a field that can let work stay at work, and which believes in giving owners the freedom to enjoy life.

Regular Working Hours

Rental-purchase targets a customer base that is most likely to shop in-store from Monday to Saturday, during working hours. And much of the business is increasingly conducted via digital platforms, which doesn’t usually require staff interaction.

A rental-purchase business owner can expect to be home in bed at night, and that they can continue to keep their work and personal lives separate and healthy.

Let Premier Rental-Purchase Connect You with Your Own Lease to Own Franchise

When they’ve got a brand that believes in them standing behind them, a rental-purchase franchise owner can focus on building the business and growing their franchise. It’s the kind of approach we take at Premier Rental-Purchase every day.

We’re one of the fastest-growing, and one of the best, RTO systems in the country, and have the support and experience to give our owners what they need.

And our decentralized purchasing and flexible franchise model is designed to keep us in step with today’s businesses, and to give us the drive and direction to lead the industry into tomorrow.

We’re preparing to expand into new markets, and we’re looking for potential owners to come with us.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today!


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