Going Beyond The Tool Rental Franchise Industry

by | Feb 11, 2023

The rent-to-own, also called rental-purchase, business has been on the radar of many potential owners for years. This industry includes the tool rental franchise market as part of an industry on the rise, with energy, drive, and direction for the future.

Learn About Tool Rental Franchise Opportunities

It’s important to keep in mind a tool rental franchise opportunity isn’t the only option for prospective owners. Premier Rental-Purchase has built a brand centered around the essentials of the business, and it’s helped us build a new kind of franchise, one that’s designed to leverage the new reality in this exciting industry.

Here are four reasons to consider ownership of a rent-to-own business, and why Premier Rental-Purchase could be the better option over a tool rental franchise.

1. A Tool Rental Franchise Provides Recurring Revenue

For a prospective owner thinking about owning a rental brand, a Rent to own or  a tool rental franchise, cost can be one of the crucial questions they have when they get started. The bottom line can be the primary driver for many future owners, and inform every other step they take along the way to finding the company right for them.

That sort of approach can lead many of them to a business like Premier Rental-Purchase.

What makes this industry a good fit for people with economics as a key concern? Much of the appeal is thanks to the way the category is structured.

The rental-purchase industry is a recurring-revenue business, with customers making monthly payments on their goods.  That mode of operating helps establish a baseline of cash flow for owners that they can count on to be there, month in and month out.

The rental-purchase industry has built our business around recurring revenue, and has designed our franchise model to utilize this industry feature to its fullest. It’s a system used by the tool rental franchise, and one that’s been refined by us to maximize its potential.

2. Quality of Ownership

Cost is one of the key issues for many future owners, but it’s not the only concern for people thinking about joining the rental-purchase industry. Quality of ownership can be just as important when it comes to finding a brand.

It’s likely that potential owners are used to and aren’t afraid of hard work and putting forth the best effort at all times. But becoming a tool rental franchise owner shouldn’t force a person to spend every moment of their lives at work and away from their loved ones.

Fortunately, there’s room in the business for both work and play, and Premier Rental-Purchase has built our brand with that approach in mind.

Our industry operates when our customers are inclined to shop. That means most of our owners open Monday through Saturday during working hours, allowing them to maintain personal lives outside of their careers.

Owning a tool rental franchise or other franchises in the rental-purchase industry can take up every moment of a person’s life, but it doesn’t have to. At Premier Rental-Purchase, we work with that goal in mind every day.

3. An Expanding, Multigenerational Market

When considering a Premier Rental-Purchase or tool rental franchise, it’s natural to have the potential market in mind. Prospective owners want to know they’ve got a ready audience for their products and services, after all.

The market should be large enough to support the business, and it needs to be dynamic and expanding. Those are key features of the rental-purchase industry.

Rental-purchase customers are often multigenerational — once a family begins using rental-purchase to get the latest tools, furniture, electronics, and appliances, many of them prefer to continue replacing and updating as new items become available, and can create households of loyal patrons.

The market is growing in other ways, too. Many millennials have been shown to prefer spending on experiences over possessions, and still want access to quality products. That can make them ideal rental-purchase customers.

Premier Rental-Purchase identifies and targets this expanding group of customers. We’ve built our brand to appeal to millennials, with technology and digital presence designed to go beyond the tool rental franchise approach and meet this new segment of the market where they live.

4. Meaningful Owner Support

So far, we’ve been learning how to open a rent-to-own can be the right move for people looking out for a franchise focused on cost, quality-of-life, and market.

It’s a combination that can give owners peace of mind and optimism for the future, especially when paired with a robust owner-support policy.

Any business needs to be ready to assist the people who keep things up and operating on a daily basis, and that’s why Premier Rental-Purchase has created a franchise model with our owners in mind. We’ve built a support team dedicated to exceeding the care delivered by the tool rental franchise or other brands, and we back that up with assistance from day one.

We’re there to help with location selection, build out, inventory, and training. And that’s just the start — ownership with us means connecting with our proprietary technology suite and systems, with ongoing training and support whenever it’s needed.

Premier Rental-Purchase makes our owners our primary concern as part of the everyday. We want them to have everything they need to grow, and work to deliver on our promise.

Become a Premier Rental-Purchase Franchise Owner

At Premier Rental-Purchase, we’re working to set the pace for the industry, and we have a business model designed for modern commerce.

We’re on the move across the country, and we’re looking for potential owners to join us as we grow into new territories.

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